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Sport has always been promoted and encouraged in St. Patrick’s. We have a wide range of teams for both boys and girls to join and actively promote students to participate. The focus of all sports in our school is on enjoyment and on the development of the student’s skills. Being a team player, representing the school and sharing in the journey are what make taking part so special. We have state-of-the-art facilities available to use, such as the Corduff Sports Centre, the All-Weather pitch, and the National Aquatic Centre and an enthusiastic staff eager to work with the students.


corduff sports centre

Corduff Sports Centre which is located beside the school.

Gaelic Football

St. Patrick’s has a proud tradition of Gaelic Football and are the current Senior boys Cumann na mBunscoil “Sciath an Chéid” champions. Gaelic Football takes place from September until November and all the male teachers are involved in training both the boys Junior (4th+5th class) and boys Senior (5th+6th class) teams. The girls Gaelic Football team are trained by Ms. Kelly and Ms. O’Shaughnessy and are always extremely competitive.


gaelic shield final image

The Senior Gaelic team pictured after winning the Sciath and Chéid final in Croke Park.

Girls' Gaelic Football

Trained by Ms. Kelly and Ms. O'Shaughnessy, the Girls' Gaelic team is going from strength to strength. In Spring 2011 the girls picked up the Winner's trophy for the Dublin 15 League!! This was the first trophy St. Patrick's SNS has ever won for Girls' Gaelic Football and it won't be the last.

» Photos of the Girls' Gaelic Football Team 2011
» The Girls' GAA Gaelic Football Final 2011

girls gaelic photo

The girls' gaelic football team of 2011.


Soccer is a very popular sport in St. Patrick’s for both boys and girls. Students in 5th and 6th class have access to the All-Weather pitch every day at lunch break, giving them a great opportunity to develop their skills. Trials and competitions take place every spring, with Mr. Cunningham and Mr. O’Hara training the boy’s team and Ms. Kelly, Ms. Lalor and Ms. O'Shaughnessy training the girls team. This year, the boys' Senior Soccer team won the Dublin West League. Well done boys!!


image soccer

The all-weather pitch where, 5th and 6th classes play football at break times.


Hurling, as one of our national games, it’s promoted in St. Patrick’s. Mr. O’Hara and Mr. Walsh work with the team, introducing the skills and techniques required. For many, it can be a new experience to play hurling and one that is always greatly anticipated. Trials and games are held each Spring time.

hurling image

Some of the players from both the Junior and Senior hurling teams pictured with their hurleys.


There has a major boost in interest in basketball this year, thanks to the great work of Ms. C. Kelly and Ms. N. Kelly in establishing boys and girls basketball teams. This is a really exciting time for all students interested in basketball and allows them the opportunity to develop their skills further. With two basketball courts in the school yard and a full size basketball court in the Sports Centre, the facilities and resources available are excellent.

basketball image

Children enjoying a game of basketball in Corduff Sports Centre.


Every year, 3rd, 4th and 5th classes make the short journey to the National Acquatic Centre for swimming lessons. This facility is second to none and the children are split into as many as eight groups in an effort to improve their ability in the water. From beginners to experts, all standards are catered for by young, experienced, energetic instructors. The centre has a unique feature that aids in the instruction of children in particular; the floor of all 3 pools can be raised or dropped to suit the group. Therefore children who are just beginning feel safe and secure in the one metre pool while swimmers brush up on their diving in the competition pool. The children thoroughly enjoy their weekly trip to the pool.

national acquatic centre

The National Acquatic Centre which is located just a short walk from the school.


Each year, students are given the chance to represent the school at the Santry athletics competitions. Relay teams, hurdlers, sprinters and many more are chosen to represent to school and get to compete at the International standard Morton stadium. We have enjoyed much success over the last number of years and have developed a strong reputation in athletics.


athletics image

Inclusion and enjoyment are central elements to sport in St. Patrick’s. While competition plays an important role in all sport, it is not the driving factor behind our programmes. Students work on developing their skills, and if they develop them to a high enough level, winning will be the natural consequence.


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